Worries of a 22 y/o in 2014:

Does anybody else find it difficult when trying to communicate with your friends? Every time the conversation may trail off into silence, you look up from your own phone to notice everyone else on theirs. It is almost a disease. You feel helpless to hitting the home button of whatever smart phone that never leaves your hand. There was a point in time when we all felt helpless for the attention of real people in front of us. Virtual popularity is so meaningless. When you die, do you think all your followers and fans are going to be at your funeral? Are they going to have sincere cherished moments to share about you? Or merely retweets and favorites. Maybe there will be a mass uprising of phone boycotters and maybe I can take part in that. But realistically, we are all doomed to be slaves to a world where the people in a completely different zip code than you matter more than the friends sitting next to you on the couch. Everyone wants to be loved. I just never thought that we would want to be loved by people we could never touch.

communication phones friends love real virtual we are all the same